Possible to order 1 Year Extension before it ends?


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My Xenforo-2 license will be expired at 9 Feb 2019.

As we all know, there is a good blowout until 2019.

What I want to know is, can I buy " 1 Year Extension" now before it expires ? (When I check customer area, it seems to be available)

In that case what will be the new licence expired date ? 9 Feb 2020 or the date that I give new order ?


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No sale on Branding Removal? Boo...

Also, is there an easy way to extend for 5 years?


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I stacked extensions until 2021, but had to do individual checkouts...may add another year-two as well.


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Why does it not reflect the $35?And if I bought today it would be good until December 5th of 2019? Currently it looks like mine ends in March so il would lose those 3 months in reality.

Support/updates end: Mar 25, 2019


Chris D

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As ever, any add-ons you have will increase your renewal price.

In this case you own an XFMG license so the renewal is $15 more. $15 + $35 = $50.

If you renew now, your new expiry date will be March 25 2020.


XFMG = XF Media Gallery
XFRM = XF Resource Manager
So - How much for each? I just renewed my XF license. I was charged $75. I assume because it is branding free. But if I try to extend these 2 addons it's giving me a price of $55 each.

This is confusing...