XF 1.4 Poll Improvements


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If a thread has already a poll, can we add another one without deleting the existing one?

Also how likely are polls going to be tied to an individual post rather than a thread in the future?


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No, you can only have one poll per thread.

If you would like to see polls as posts, there is an open suggestion you should toss your support for. :)


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To conclude, I would just add this button to the thread_create template:

When you click on this button, the above screen is displayed.
Quick suggestion regarding this HYS (nothing new, nothing unrelated): please do this by default.
Way more cleaner.
You are totally right. There has been a suggestion for this since 4 years (the start of XF). Please add your likes and feedback there: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/poll-as-collapsed-option.312/


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Only a small question ... Does "Allow the results to be viewed without voting" mean only during the poll (if poll ends at a specified time) or all time? The question for me is: If a poll ends in two weeks and I'm not able to vote - will I be able to see the result after the time ends or not?


Very nice. The only two things missing with polls IMO is the ability to display a user name when they vote. And set a limit for poll option. So 1 poll question could have 3 categories but you only can have 1 person on cat 1, 4 people on cat 2. etc.

It would help in signup for events.


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Very nice. The only two things missing with polls IMO is the ability to display a user name when they vote.
When a poll is set to public, click on the number of votes next to the bars in a poll to see the names of users who voted.


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missed opportunity imo......i surely think that when people vote they should have the possibility to add some text why they voted for this particular reason. Next i think other people can add comments to that.....so you have an open discussion on the poll subject.


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Yes....they can...true....but i just suggest they can write a line of text in the poll after voting instead of creating a post.