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Mod Tools Improvements 1.3.5

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Xon submitted a new resource:

Mod Tools Improvements - Various improvements to inline moderation tools

  • Implements "soft" post merging which leaves the source post alone
    • This requires support for each add-on, supports
      • Reactions
      • Vote Tally
      • Dice roller
      • Threadmarks
      • Sticky any post
      • @NixFifty's Gift Upgarde
  • Adds permission for:
    • Moving thread
    • Viewing thread moderator logs
    • Merging thread
    • Soft merging post
    • Hard merging post
  • Fixes a number of scaling issues with inline mod tools related to...

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Xon updated Mod Tools Improvements with a new update entry:

1.3.5 - Feature update

  • Support Dice Roller v2.3.0+
  • Prevent soft-merging the first post of a thread where it is not the target post due to how XF handles deleting the first post
  • Add "Require explicit permission for moderation actions instead of "Manage (move, merge, etc.) any thread" permission" option
    • Affects: copy/move/merge threads & view thread moderation log
  • Add inline copy threads action, and relevant "copy thread" permission
  • Add explicit permission for copy/move posts...

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I think the issue is related to this addon. When I do a post merge and select "hard" it still leave the old post. Seems no way for it to do anything other than "soft" even if selecting "hard"
Make sure you've got permission for the 'hard merge' it then invokes the standard XF merge code. I might need to debug it, but it'll be later next week since it is easter weekend and I've got a very big backlog.
Double checked the permission settings. Set so that hard is allowed. Still showing "soft" merge even if "hard" selected.
Thanks for looking when you have time. Enjoy the Easter weekend.
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