Poems by you


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I have been writing poems for fun. Any fellow members of this forum also like writing poetry, and if so any you would not mind sharing? And while at it, what have you noticed about your style? Do you still believe in using rhyme schemes?

Maybe you stick to syllables for meter because stresses are your sworn enemy? If you like fixed forms, which have you used? Do you like the sonnet, as most seem to do in the English world, or perhaps try your hand at other forms like the rondel, sestina, or limerick?

What poets have inspired you, and how have they affected your writing, whether in style or subject matter, or in general how you look at poetry? And perhaps someone here has actually published poetry in a literary magazine, even one for a college?

I stick to syllables for meter, if even that. I tried a ghazal for form, was less pleased with my try of the rondel. Perhaps Elizabeth Bishop has influenced me most, especially her poem "The Fish," for its images divided by five syllable lines and another reason I am finding hard to express right now.