XF 1.0 Playing With Color


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I have some idea.
We can add permission for groups. Example john is in registered groups. He can creating new style and he can use it. The other group members can't create new style style. And he can sent the new style to admin. Admin seeing and admin can aprove the style. After the other members can use this style.
I think it's not a good idea. If we need some personalization, we can create as admin 10/20 recolor of the basic skin, and offer the choice to the users.


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I've seen this asked in this thread, but I don't think I saw the answer. Is there a way to offer only the color changer to the members? This would allow us to define a structure of the site and a default style, but then give the members the ability to completely customize the site to their liking.

This would create member loyalty I think, allowing them this ability.

Is it possible? Is there a down side to something like this?

Great work Kier!



I'm JUST discovering this feature! And I'm glad I did! My forum needed a more "custom" look! :D Love it! Could this software be any more awesome? :O

Guess we'll find out in 1.1 :)

Regina Ortega

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Help i was playing with it, and i cannot back the original xenforo colors; i thought that using the button undo changes will put everything to the original colors :(


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Top left corner of the colour palette under the first slider you have the invert button and Revert All box, tick that box and then click update style properties, this should revert all of the colours.


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Unless the master style has been modified, which would only be possible if debug mode was enabled.

Liam W

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I'm probably being an idiot, but did you change the actual xenForo forum when making this video?