XF 2.1 Help with Tag Text Color

Jim Fox

Active member
With upgrading from XF1 to XF2.1 this last week, my old existing style looks great in XF2.1 except for 2 text input boxes.

All of the other text input like the Thread Title where your type turns an almost white color against a dark gray background which comes from the Input Style section. These 2 text boxes the text you type is pure black against a very dark gray background.

And the 2 problem ones are is the Name block to start a Conversation, and the Tag block on the Thread Create screen.

They use the "Input" style it seems for the "Focused text box background color" like all other Text Input boxes, and after you type, the text there does become the "Text input box text color" of an almost white color. But while typing, it's pure black.

I have looked all over Style Properties and can't find those 2. Thanks for any help, I am including 2 screen shots.

1. Thread Creation Screen

2. Conversation