Email text color is not "sanitized"

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I won't screenshot the entire message, but I just received this in email. This part of the message was unreadable due to white text on light grey background:


Note that there is also white text on white background at the very bottom of the above screenshot. Here it is, highlighted:


The final code block in this post has text color set to white, along with the "Thank you!" at the end:

While I'm 100,000% opposed to any colored text in a post (this isn't 1995....cue the blinking magneta text), at least it should be sanitized in emails sent out as notifications, using a default text color rather than what appears in the post. All BBCode need not be stripped, but at least any text color altered should be returned to the default color in email.

In essence, I could compose a post in all-white text and it would appear to be blank when received via email.
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