PHP7 - is it supported yet?


I have an existing license and found a thread from last April saying that compatibility with PHP 7 was in the works but at the time it wasn't ready yet. Is it supported yet? Just wanted to know before I upgrade our server but don't want to do it yet if it could create an issue.


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Just updated to PHP7 +OPcache and it works great - speed has improved significantly.

The only issue I had was with [BD] Widget Framework, but updating that to BETA-12 resolved the issue and all is now sweet.

Check it out at and see what you think of the speed.



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I haven't come across your site before so can't really tell how much faster it has become
I would estimate that it is about 3 to 4 times faster than previously; it was quite nippy then, but since the update and implementing OPcache is it very zippy lol