Is it time yet??


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I have an established vbulletin forum running on 4.0.4, one of the key interest on my forum is the gallery image as it is a travel based site. Can i bring user albums across to xenforo intact and available for view or is there third party software as a transitional stop until Xenforo supports this option.
Is there any other non core to forums but functionality users are used too they would lose to e.g. PM's, chat rooms, calendars,user statistics????


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Currently there is no gallery feature within XenForo.
See these other threads for previous discussions on the same subject:

Private Messages, or Private Conversations as they are known here, already exist.

Two or 3 chat add-ons have already been coded, see this forum for those:

There is no calendar but Jaxel has coded an events add-on:

What do you mean by user statistics?


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Thanks for links, will check them out

usual twaddle users today, total posts, total members,whose online (know that is there as standard) not much but my mob are used to it and would moan without it!!!
On the subject of users online, is there a way to show at least the total number of "Users online today", if not to list them?