Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?

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Sorry to be a real pain in the ass but I have a couple of client projects that are just crying out for this new forum software (plus some of my own) but I am getting to the stage where I cant stall them much longer. Any idea when xenForo will be available for purchase?



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Thanks Brogan, I read that in the questions section but I take it there isn't a definite date yet?
Unfortunately not yet.

Hopefully it won't be too much longer although it's better to be delayed and complete rather than early and not...

Quite frankly at the speed Mike & Kier work at I can't see it being much longer.


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My money and I are waiting for Xenforo. :) Proper use of English right?
Sounds good to me, :)

Actually they did. Their summer ends September 23.
As Peggy stated earlier, Kier and Mike mentioned the target date for release is around the end of summer. It's the best that they can give at this time, as it would be impossible to give an exact date. :)


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As much as we'd all love percentage updates, there is no way to know for definite.

I can't wait either, but we've waited this long - what is a little longer?
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