Persistent Alerts

Persistent Alerts [Paid] 2.1.1

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Like the idea behind this add on. But I think it might get too noisy for emails.

Feature suggestion:

Add a 1x1 tracking image to Watched emails. Send a new alert email for the next reply after that user opens the email.

People may read the reply in the email but not visit the thread. And not realize that means they will never get another email. This would let the alert system reset if they read that alert.

Amin Sabet

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@Xon - I am using this addon along with Alert Improvements and the latest version of Xenforo 2.1. One of my users is reporting that a moved thread notification won't disappear from the top of his alerts for days and stays as a sticky at the top of his alerts above some newer ones.

Could that be related to your addon? Or any idea what I can do to fix this for him?

Here is his report with screenshot:’t-disappear.106325/post-1334421


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That is from Alert Improvements where a user can make the alert-popup not mark stuff as read. There is a "mark all alerts read" button when clicking "alerts" from account card for logged in users which also has links to alert preferences