Persistent Alerts

Persistent Alerts 2.6.0

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  • Require php 7.2+
  • Convert from global+per-forum enable option to per-forum-per-usergroup permissions.
    • Add "[Persistent Alerts] - Enable" per-forum-per-usergroup permission (default global enabled)
    • Remove "Persistent Alerts - Ignore Last Read Date (For Thread Replies)" global option, and per-forum "[Persistent Alerts] - Enable" option.
    • If "Persistent Alerts - Ignore Last Read Date" global option was not yet, and per-forum "Enable Persistent Alerts" option was unset, add a "no" permisison for "[Persistent Alerts] - Enable".
      To audit the added permissions, this SQL query can find the node/user-groups touched:
      select content_id, user_group_id
      from xf_permission_entry_content
      where permission_id = 'svPersistentAlert';
  • Fix "view this thread" link not actually linking the thread/post as expected.
  • For reply/thread emails, make "view this thread" link actually link to the new post not jumping to the next unread post.
  • Change "Persistent Alert - Only alert on no unread alerts" option to include checking new forum watch alerts for a thread. Not just thread watches.
  • Adjust default value for "Persistent Alert - Suppress Persistent Emailing" to true
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Remove unused database column which was leftover from the XF1 version.
  • Migrate user change logs from XF1 to XF2 column versions.
  • Improve performance of "Persistent Alert - Only alert on no unread alerts" option by recording post's thread_id into the alerts table
    • Report Comment's parent container is also recorded, but requires Report Improvements v2.10.0+ to use it
    • The query for migrating the data can be quite slow for large query alert volumes! To manually run;
      alter table xf_user_alert add column `sv_container_id` int(10) unsigned DEFAULT NULL;
      UPDATE xf_user_alert AS alert
      JOIN xf_post AS post ON (alert.content_type = 'post' AND alert.content_id = post.post_id)
      SET alert.sv_container_id = post.thread_id
      WHERE alert.sv_container_id IS NULL AND `action` in ('insert', 'op_insert')
  • Fix incorrect access level when extending user changelog
  • Fix user change log showing raw column names added by this add-on
  • Fix installer not applying expected SQL schema updates
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