PayPal is rolling out TLS 1.2 / HTTP 1.1


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Chris D

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Secondly -- I figured that since the paypal user upgrade transaction takes place on PayPal's site, and requires login there -- it wouldn't affect us.... ???
PayPal processes the transaction, but then the notifications related to that transaction are sent to your forum. PayPal is no longer going to be sending those transactions to sites unless the site supports SSL, TLS 1.2 and HTTP 1.1.

As for when it is happening, it is confusing that it seems to have happened to Paul already, but it's possible they're doing a staged rollout. Either way, it's either happening already or there's less than 3 weeks to go. If your site is affected a message will have been displayed on your user upgrade list since the release of XenForo 1.5.6.

Gene Steinberg

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PayPal rollout is set for 6/30/17, the first stage.

I ran into a problem with one recurring transaction not registering this week, so the user upgrade was listed as expired for one member.

All other transactions received in the past week appear to have processed correctly, so far as I can see.

My sites are using SSL and TSL 1.2 anyway, so it should not matter.

Any ideas?
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