[Paid] Someone to show me how to create an add-on


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I'd like for someone to show me step by step on how to create an add-on and install/display it on the sidebar of the forum homepage.

I have one that I'm using on my vB forum (using vBadvanced) that I would like to use after I convert to XF. I don't want someone to just recreate it for me for XF, but rather create a tutorial so that I can do it myself and in the end, allow me to write my own add-ons later on.

I would suspect that this particular add-on is fairly easy to create, would have to pull info from a single custom user field. I'll show you all the code that it uses in vB so you can help explain what's different in XF from vB.

In the end I'll be more than happy to share both the tutorial and add-on for others to use, free of charge of course.

I'm willing to pay $25 via PayPal.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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I'm still looking for someone to help with this project. Any takers?
If you would like someone to teach you everything from A to Z then 25 dollars is a little on the down side. If I were you I would get busy by studing the many well written tutorials floating around here and also by downloading some of the mods at the RM and study them then things will fall into place pretty quick.


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I was going to pass this to a couple of coders but $25 is not a fair payment for not only doing an addonh but sharing skill as well. So uit would be a double job.
Why not ask for a tutorial every fortnight or every month to help you as you learn? $25 would be OK for that each time.