[Paid] Minecraft Username Authenticator


Hey, I run a Minecraft server and am looking to tie every XenForo user to a Minecraft user. Basically, I want an addon where when people go to the register page, it has just one box that asks for a code. You enter a code, and if it's in a MySQL Database, it brings you to the normal register place, except the username field is locked as the username that is in the MySQL database. When you create the account, I want it to store the UUID of the Minecraft account with the XenForo account. I'm not entirely sure of the XenForo database system, but I believe there is a place for custom options. If there is, the key should be uuid and the value their uuid. Also, once the account is created, it should delete the record of their code, username, and uuid from the database. This should be the only way to register.

I'm not sure how much this would cost, but it seems relatively small, so we're looking for it to be done for $50. Half will be given up front, and half upon completion, and the payment will be over paypal. If you're interested you can PM me and I'll give you my skype. I will mark this thread as Filled when I find somebody, thanks!
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