Add-on Need quote for a big Minecraft add-on for XF2


I need a BALLPARK quote from a talented developer who speaks English well and is familiar with the Mojang Skin and Player APIs. I may not be able to afford it, which is why I need a ballpark quote. This is a very large add-on, and I am telling you up front that I am difficult to work with when it comes to what I expect from the final product.

The add-on needs to:
  • Change the registration form with a custom form that shows/hides fields that must be filled out based on a radio selection
  • Adds several new fields and tabs to a user's profile
  • Validate XenForo username against the Mojang API to ensure it's a valid Minecraft name before they can register
  • Moderator approval queue overhaul that allows moderators to post comments/discussion about a registration before approving/denying (this could be on a new profile tab instead of directly in the queue)
  • Upon approving users, needs to send HTTPS POST response to another API
  • New Moderation profile tab that shows all moderator discussions from previous step
  • New Minecraft user profile tab that shows full Minecraft name history, full skin history, button to manually refresh these values (see for example of the data that needs to be captured and displayed)
  • Cron job that auto-updates Minecraft names and skins on a set schedule (with throttling so it doesn't blacklist our IP from the API) for all XenForo users in the database
  • Ban appeal form that allows users to appeal a ban. Ban appeals should show up in the Moderator approval queue notification system and allow moderators to comment on a ban appeal to discuss it. Needs functionality to email the user and post the sent email contents. I have an add-on for XF1 that already does this, but I don't like how it works. The data from my XF1 install needs to be migrated.
  • XenForo user avatar is locked down and set to their current Minecraft skin (similar to but more advanced and better designed)