Live Thread Add-On for XF2


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Looking to get a live thread add-on created.

Provide automatic refreshing for a thread in XF2 so users watching a live event (like sports) can simultaneously chat without hitting refresh.

User with permission selects a thread for live refresh. Posts show automatically for users with permission viewing that thread. Thread Prefix or some other Discussion list icon shows LIVE to notify users that thread is live refreshing.


CORE: features required as above; Can live or unlive a thread with permission.

CORE: Only users with permission can see auto refreshing thread. Others must manually refresh as always.

CORE: Prefix or Icon to indicate the LIVE thread on the discussion list.

PREFERRED FEATURE: In XF1, many mods were available to do this. Some provided various polling options to smooth server load instead of refreshing for all users creating spikes of refresh. Consider how to best minimize such bursts.

PREFERRED FEATURE: Would be nice to set a thread to go live at a future time. This would allow the thread to go live when the sporting event is live.

PREFERRED FEATURE: Would be nice to have the thread automatically go NOT live after no user views/activity for some period that could be set in settings. Basically an auto-off.

I am only interested in working with established developers. Please link your store or resources if they are not on this site so I can see the type of work you do.

I am willing to consider exclusive payment or adjusting payment for you to have rights to sell the add-on.

Please PM me with which features you can provide (all or some, which ones?), total cost to include exclusive vs rights agreements, and payment arrangements.

Thank you.

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You can use this add-on:


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You can use this add-on:

Does not allow only selecting certain threads and making them live. I don't want the whole forum live.


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@MMAcomm adding per-thread toggle (just on, or with a start/end time) is very straight forward. Contact me via PM if you are interested