XF 1.4 2 Forums behave differently. Why is Username and Password pre-filled ?


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I have a freshly installed XF-Forum with version XF 1.4.7

When I go to www.domain.com/register then it automatically shows the Username and Password being pre-filled in the fields.

The same is happening when I go to www.domain.com/login
The Username and Password are already showing up in the fields.


1) why are the fields already pre-filled with Username and Password ?
I do have another Forum (recently upgraded to version XF 1.4.7 which is NOT showing the fields being prefilled with Username and Password.
It seems strange to me why my two Forums behave differently. Did I do something wrong on installation or is there something else wrong ?

2) why is the Username wrongly showing in the "Email Field" instead of showing in the "Name Field" and therefore showing the red-colored "Please enter a valid Email"-message ?

I do understand that it is taking the Username and Password from the Cookies which are saved in the browser, however I do also have my Username and my Password for the Xenforo.com-website saved in my browser, but the data are not pre-filled when I log into the Xenforo.com-website or when I go to www.xenforo.com/register

Seems very strange.
Do you know why this is occuring ?


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I am using FireFox 38.0.5

I have the Username and Password saved in the browser for both of my Forums.
However, at one Forum (the freshly installed Forum) it is showing the Username and Password being pre-filled.
At my other Forum it is NOT showing the Username and Password being pre-filled.

I have also the Username and Password saved in the browser for xenforo.com (when I visit xenforo.com).
When I visit xenforo.com, then the Username and Password is NOT showing pre-filled.

I am confused as to why this is behaving differently. Although I have saved the Username and Passwords for all 3 Forums (my 2 own Forums and as well for xenforo.com) in the Browser.
I am also worried about security-concerns or if there is anything wrong at my freshly installed Forum which is showing the Username and Password being already pre-filled.


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These are coming from your browser (in this case not filling in things in the expected fields). Not too much XF can do about that (short of totally disabling it).