Add-on {Need} Xenforo <-> Discord <-> Minecraft Sync


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Hi, I am looking to pay someone to write me a Xenforo Addon that will sync up the ranks of my playerbase between mainly Xenforo and Minecraft. It would also be really nice if it did it for discord as well.

I am looking to pay anywhere from $10 (a price I have seen for something like this) to $50.

All I would need is something where players maybe go to the website and create an account. When they do that, it tells them to type a command In game like /linkwebsite {code} and after they do that it links them. From the discord perspective, when they join the discord channel, the could be sent a message from our discord Bot telling them to do /linkdiscord {code}. If they did either /website or /discord from in game, it would send them to the website and discord. From there the two actions I have outlined would happen. We would probably setup a database section in our mysql from the users and it would just write that player/user linked account data somewhere to the database.

Please contact me on Discord: Jaims#3427 or send me a DM on Xenforo if you are interested in this Job.
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