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Other PAID: League Website via XenForo

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Ryu, May 19, 2013.

  1. Ryu

    Ryu Member

    Looking for a gaming league website that will encompass the traditional elements of a league-- team creation, team membership by players (users registered on the forums, in this instance), match scheduling and outcome results, stats, etc. At the center of this will be the XenForo forum software, which is already online/functional. The web application must meet the following requirements:
    • The site layout must be clean and simple (like to see it with a "blue energy/lightning" kind of theme if possible)
    • Must have easy ability to update/administrate, so good Options and Permissions capabilities
    • User profile section should
      • Allow users to provide their STEAM ID (custom field?) which will be used in an authentication system externally
      • Track their playing history (teams they've been on in the past, which seasons and what level they've played before)
      • Record and post their stats (from other systems)
      • Allow sign up for league and other similar tournaments/events
      • Be extensible for future addons, games, etc.
    • Scheduling system for upcoming matches in league (could be based around conversations-- this is a lower priority)
    • Allow creation of "teams" and individual player registrations to that team
    • Enforce at least 5 members of the team are paid before the team is considered "Active"
    • Allow a team to register into the league season (where admins set their "division" or level
    • Allow a team to register for other events (like LAN events, spontaneous online tourneys, etc.)
    • Have individual Team pages (like user profiles) that allow basic information to be input and displayed (like website, history and accomplishments, current standings, etc.)
    • Location for news/updates/articles (could be done with a custom block via XenPorta for the homepage)
    • Locations for advertisements should remain supported
    • Place for standings and match results as each league season progresses (can be done manually for now, but automated in the future using output data from game servers)
    • Code most be well documented/commented for maintainability in the future (will very likely be a repeat customer, but prefer it to be by choice)
    Please have examples of your work available. Communication is also highly valued, as your ideas/input can help change or influence this project, especially around the best way to utilize XenForo's core system.

    We also prefer someone we can build a great, long term relationship with, as we'll likely have a lot more future work to accomplish, together.

    Any/all feedback welcome in the thread, including questions, and if you have some kind of guidance or are interested in accomplishing, message me.
  2. ioneti

    ioneti Active Member

    any @Ryu ?
  3. Hrabal

    Hrabal New Member

    I also need similar solution. is there any given addon? Thanks
  4. Aayush

    Aayush Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is any yet, this thing looks like a huge project itself and the author hasn't logged in for almost like a year :p
    Hrabal likes this.
  5. tajhay

    tajhay Well-Known Member

    I have something like this, but specifically for sports teams, rather than where the users are the competitors. Although with a few modifications you might be able to cater for that.

    You can see a lil about it on my forum showcase thread. Its far more indepth than what i showed in that thread.

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