Not a bug Pages Sidebar Interrupting Page Content


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See above. The sidebar for the page interrupts the content of the message. I think this should be pushed below the content like the forum_list sidebar.

I tested this using the example page node on XFcom.

Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5 using Google Chrome 45.0.2454.84


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Which sidebar are you referring to?

Page nodes don't have sidebars - just the nav on the left and the content.
The Facebook widget has just been added using standard HTML/CSS (it's floated right).

Mr Lucky

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James is correct in that the float interrupts the text in mobile view.

On my iPhone 6+ it splits the word "Right"

This is not a xenforo bug, but not ideal html for a responsive design. image.jpg


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I'm going to call this not a bug since it's related to the FB block that it added as part of the page itself, though I have tweaked the page node nav in narrow responsive views.