XF 1.4 Pagebreaks and Keyword for imported feed

Hello , can you please advise how to structure rss file , to add
1. pagebreaks : when feed imported its all in one line texts, witch is not read friendly.

2. keywords: when feed imported there is no keyword for created thread, is there a way to add code in rss file , so imported thread will have keyword

thnk you
I generating rss from content right , so when rss item created , i including keyword generated like this

Keyword: Categoryname, item title

Category name - Category name in forum where this item will be imported
item title: its grabbed item title (title of original ad from source site )


TitleName: Selling User Sony"
Content: console like new , works great"

Rss item generated :

Item title "Selling User Sony"
Content " console like new , works great"

For example feed will be imported in Forum Category "NEW YORK "

so key word will be : "NEW YORK, Selling User Sony"