XFI: Importers do not enable activity summary email for imported users


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Affected version
XFI 1.5.0
This is somewhere in between a bug report and a feature request, but as this does generate inconsistent results I feel to report ist as a bug:

When importing from systems other than XenForo 2.2, the importers do take care of receive_admin_email.
Howeve, they do not set last_summary_email_date, so the value will stay at default (null).

This does give somewhat inconsistent behaviour:
If a foreigen system is being imported into XenForo < 2.2 and afterwards the installation does get upgraded, the imported users that had the option to receive admin email enabled in the source system will also have activity summary enabled.
However, if a foreign system does get imported into XenForo 2.2, activity summary emails for imported users will not be enabled.

IMHO this should be consistently enabled if an existing option to receive admin emails was active in the source system.
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