XF 1.5 Page view count not changing


Currently running 1.5.10 and was going to do the update to 11 but the site has been so flaky since we moved to a new machine (with our host).

Anyway, the page view is not updating, or only updating rarely. Threads should have 20-30 views already and still only have 2-3. I've looked at a few threads here and tried to follow the advice mentioned but so far, no change with anything I tried to tweak.


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In the cron entries section of the control panel, do you see a "Update View Counters" entry? Is it enabled? Is the run date in the future?


Hi Mike, thanks. As far as I can tell it hasn't been changed, that is, it appears to be enabled.

Run on type of day: no date checked. (Check and set for any?)
Day of the week: Any
Run at hours: Any
Run at minutes: 1
Allow cron entry to run automatically when scheduled, box is checked, or ticked.

Again, as flaky as our server has been this month it isn't surprising that something is fouled up....