view count not changing

I recently migrated a 3.5M post/25K poster site from vB4 to xenforo. One of the users pointed out that the Views: number/counter isn't changing on the site for any of the threads. And there's plenty of traffic in those threads.


After preliminary research, there's a cron job that needs to run that's triggered by javascript client, deferred.php. I looked in the admin/cron settings and the counter update job was scheduled to run once an hour. I changed it to run once a minute. It sure looks like it's being run once a minute.. I've loaded deferred.php via URL directly dozens of times.

The counters do not change.

xenforo 1.4

Please advise me what can be wrong?

There were 100 rows in the xf_thread_view table. As I finish this post there are 313.
Since disabling the plugins, I have visited this thread about 10 times:


My cron setting is for every minute to run the update thread counts job, but it seems to have reset itself to once an hour. In any case, I selected "run" from the pull down menu in admincp:


Reload the forum page:


16 minutes ago vs. 13 minutes ago.

Thanks for looking at this.