Light and Dark skin Logo not changing - SOLVED


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help with this

I have a site and I have a light and a dark skin.

I have uploaded 2 separate logos for the two skins but when I switch from the light skin (default) to the dark skin the logo fails to load the dark logo.

In some cases the dark logo will load but if you go back to light then back to dark the light logo stays in place until you do a hard refresh (ctrl refresh).

It's sporadic but seems to happen if you switch back and forth a couple of times. I have two distinct logos with two different names logolight1.png and logodark1.png so I don't understand why this is happening.
Yeah I just switched the default skin back to that, wanting to make it entirely different.

Do a hard refresh in the dark skin and it should load a different one, that is the problem
This is the dark skin I installed, all css

@Russ that fixed it, you were correct.

I had set the dark skin as a child to the default light and I forgot about the double sized logo. As soon as I uploaded the dark one there everything functioned as needed.

Thank you everyone for your input, I added SOLVED to the title.
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