XF 1.2 Page node on root of domain?


Hey there. I'm a beginner with Xenforo and need a bit of help here.
I have Xenforo 1.2.1 installed, and am adapting it to work as my main website. I would like to be able to assign a page to the root of my domain, so http://www.example.com/ for example. My current solution is just to .htaccess redirect it to example.com/home, but it's not ideal or user-friendly.
Is there a way to do this in default Xenforo? I've tried route filters, to no avail.

So, how can I assign a page to the root of my domain? Been searching for a while now, with no luck.
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You should be able to set the index route in your options. I've never tried to set a page, but in theory you should be able to.


That was set slightly wrongly, yeah. I had it set up to the point to home/, instead of the page before I route filtered it(pages/home/). Just waiting for caches to clear and I'll see if it's made a difference.
I had set it correctly before, but on joining the website it would redirect you to home/.
I want to be able to have that page assigned to /. Any other ways, or add-ons you know of?


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Get rid of the route filter and just set the index route to pages/home/ -- that should be all that's necessary.


Ah, found my problem. Widget Framework seems to be doing something funny.
Will go take it up with the developer of that instead.