XF 2.0 Show Latest post on root forum, add image to every post. SSL slowing xenforo? etc


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Hi xenforo community
Before all, sorry for my english :( and thanks for your help :)
I'm starting with xenforo, and i have a few questions that are currently perturbing my mind.

Im using xenforo 2.0 beta 3 .

Is there any way to show the latest post on the root forum? (for xenforo 2)
i mean, this: https://xenforo.com/community/whats-new/posts/73962/
into this:
I want to create forum with their respectives categories, but with something like discourse (every new post on the root page) with the structure and features that xenforo has. I know that read this is something weird but i have something nice in my mind.


Is there any way to add an image at the left of every post? where the user avatar is.

Instead the prefix name, i want to add an image. I want to use the prefix just to clarify what image xenforo should show.
I tried to do that editing prefixes CSS but i could not.

I'm forced to program a addon o something like that? there isn't a easy way to achieve that? :(


Yesterday i bought a domain and COMODO ssl, after that i started to edit the css and templates page. Doing that, xenforo started to get slower. I don't know what happened, Sometimes the wait time for load a page is around 20 seconds.
Today this not happened, but i think that it will happen again.. so my question is
its possible that the fact of add ssl to my page is slowing the requests?

Okay i have others random questions but maybe later.

Thanks for your help ! :giggle: