XF 1.3 Remove Redirect on Root Installed Forum?

I have installed XenForo to the root of my domain however whenever visitors type my root URL they get redirected to the /boards/ route.

I know my index is set to my forum list but is there any way to do this without the redirect? I have seen other forums do root installs before but I am not sure how they did it without route redirect.


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What have you setup as your index page route? It should be "forums/" and not "boards/". You appear to have a route filter setup to change "forums" to "boards", but the option should be done without considering route filters.
Yea I already gave "forums" as part of my .com domain so having forums.com/forums/ seemed really dumb.

The forums.com/boards/ route made it seem less dumb but Ideally I would like no routes on my board index.

Is that possible?


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Are you using a portal add-on.

Installing in the root and setting the index page route to forums/ should be sufficient.

You can change a route using route filters but you can't remove it.