XF 1.3 White Page on root of forum


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forum will display when on /index.php and everything else but it wont display when you are at the root of the site mysite.com (not the actual site obviously)

I've done the rebuild master data and nothing is showing up in my server log. I know it must have happen during trying to installing an addon


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Where is the forum installed?
In the root or a directory?

What is the actual URL?
I was actually able to solve the issue, for whatever reason it ended up generating a blank index.html file which was being read instead of the index.php when going to the root of the site.


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For future reference, which add-on was it?
I have heard of this issue before but have never been able to pin it down.


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I believe it was when I was attempting to install either of these:

Most likely the first and only because I failed to read that it required TMS (which I do not have installed currently).

Also just for reference and not sure if this matters but I was also installing the addon with the addon installer

Which works wonderfully everytime (Did not work with Vaultwiki tho)