Not a bug on upgrade to release canderdate 1


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im getting this error on upgrade downloaded the upgrade zip file so not sure if its missing this file in the upgrade zip file

Fatal error: Call to undefined method XenForo_Model_AddOn::getAllUpdateChecks() in/home/xfgeek33/public_html/testinstall/library/AddOnInstaller/CronEntry/UpdateCheck.phpon line9

Tracy Perry

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It is something with the add on installer by @Chris Deeming. He has released an update compatible with 1.2, so I'd suggest you check which version you are using, and if it is lower than 1.0.3, then download the update and manually update it. -
Happens even with the latest release. I got it on a both Chris's add-on and another one on 2 of my forums... just doing a refresh solved the problem and the site continued working. No error was produced in the error log.