XF 1.5 Template and server errors on upgrade to 1.5.20


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1. I tried every option for merging the footer template. All generated errors. I then reverted the template. It still showed the footer template as being outdated and requiring merging. Again, the same errors - specifically line 25 and line 64.

2. I then checked for server errors and got this:

Server Error Logs

  1. Delete... Call to undefined function utf8_substr() 19 minutes ago - library/XenForo/Model/Search.php:59
  2. Delete... preg_match_all(): Delimiter must not be alphanumeric or backslash Thursday at 4:29 PM - library/PostReplace/ControllerAdmin/PostReplace.php:26
3. File health check is fine:

File Health Check

All 1,341 checked files are present and correct.

How do I fix this?

Chris D

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The first error there at least might be related to when you were uploading the files, these kinds of things can be ignored as long as they don't reoccur.

The second error seems to be from the Post Content Find and Replace add-on, but as designed in the sense that it seems you entered an invalid regex (we don't do a lot of error handling in that add-on, as the errors that come back from PHP are perfectly fine and it's intended as only a (mostly) temporary admin tool).

As for the template errors, realistically you'll need to be more specific about the errors you're facing otherwise we can't help.


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1. the errors noted in the first post must have been transitional. I cleared them and they haven't reappeared.

2. the template errors were resolved by a style update.

Thanks for the reply. :)