XF 1.1 Notices

Welcome to a new series of Have You Seen videos, demonstrating some of the new features and improvements to come in XenForo 1.1.

First on the list: Notices.

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steven s

Well-known member
It still suffers from many problems such as:
- the same people liking each and every one of another person's posts.
- people whom just post popular things only (ie. vBulletin is bad).
If it's abused it could always be turned off.
I don't think I ever used reputation for the same reasons.


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This looks to be very flexible and intuitive...like everything with XF, well thought out and progressive. Well done Kier and Mike! 1.1 can't come soon enough for me! :)


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At first look, again a very good implementation of a well known system in forum software in general. Whilst still trying to keep hold of some real innovation. :)

As with others, my only request would be the ability to switch off the automatic rollover effects.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's possible to disable the animated transitions if you want to, and removing the rollover-to-view behaviour (the dismiss button, I assume?) is a very simple CSS edit.


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I'm not visualizing how tags would work with Notices.
Notices are not permanent things.
Why tag something that only "lives" for short periods ?

FYI: I am a Tag Man.
Glad to hear you're into playing Tag!
Re: my post... was not in reference to Notices, but in reference to POSTS. I want to be able to empower certain users to Tag posts they find particularly instructive as "Gold Nugget", and be able to assign this Tagging power to selected subgroups e.g. as a Moderator function, although if notices are then archived as posts it might be useful to be able to tag certain of those that may have long term relevance, rather than a short relevance life as of course many Notices are.

It was a sidebar to this discussion since we're talking about what's in 1.1... I'm just wishing upon 3 stars that they would include a basic Tagging function in 1.1.

And now... back to the discussion about Notices... (sorry for the sidebar, didn't mean to get so far afield. Just my usual plea for Tagging as soon as feasible in whatever release.) :D


The only thing i can cry about is the fact that now i have to get rid of the mods that tried to add some of these new features.
Didn't have time to watch more than few minutes of the vid, but quite the damn epic version we are getting soon :D
It's nice to have this feeling of paying from something that is more than enough worth it :p


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I am wondering how you can have such a slide-show (as Kier is presenting at the end of the video at the help section) with 3 pictures at the homepage?
I mean so that the image-size is adjusting its size when the browser-window has different sizes. Is the image automatically resizing as we already have in XF when images are being posted in threads?