XF 1.1 Notices

Welcome to a new series of Have You Seen videos, demonstrating some of the new features and improvements to come in XenForo 1.1.

First on the list: Notices.



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Awesome stuff, this is going to be useful on sooooooo many levels, recruitment, promotions, warnings, possibilities are endless.

Also good to see the custom profile fields link and the admin search :) looking forward to 1.1!

John L.

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You see, this is why I love XenForo. Not only is the notice system functional, but it's innovative. It's different, it does different things and allows you to expand its functionality in so many different ways. Can't wait to see what you can do with the rest of 1.1's features. Love it!


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The sidebar....
"Custom User Fields"
"User Group Promotions"
.... :D

And the notice system, looks awesome! Great job :)


in memoriam
You have ninja UI skills!

Un-dismiss? Something you mentioned towards the end... but I'm not sure I heard any more about it. I've been hoping for such a system for years..

User State = "awaiting email confirmation" or "awaiting email confirmation from edit" criteria?

Digital Doctor

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I also saw Thread Prefixes in the Video. (y)

Xenforo Notices looks great !
It will be a very powerful (granular) method of communicating with your forum !


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this is actually pretty cool, I can finally implement my underpants gnome theory of targeted advertising

1. you appear to be a man
2. ?
3. Profit


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This is awesome!! I just figured I'd use this for important notes on forum news or something, but the way you used it at the end of the video is perfect for the content slider I was going to have to wrestle with myself. Two very big (y)(y)!

How do they work if you have multiple notices showing in the same place (i.e. the index) where some have the content wrapper and some don't?

Digital Doctor

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This seems like it could be a powerful targeted advertising method as well.
And new "methods" of targeting could be rolled out incredibly quickly.
In fact, it almost get a bit creepy with targeting advertising that is too good !

I hope there is a "One time" feature ... where you can set criteria to do something but after the user clicks [x] to close it ... it doesn't appear ever again.

Digital Doctor

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