Fixed Notices don't display when dismissed once


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#1 The admin creates a notice with the setting "user can dismiss this notice"
#2 User A dismisses that notice. He does not see this notice any more.
#3 The admin edits the notice to "user can not dismiss this notice"
#4 User A still does not see this notice

A small notice about this like "Please create a new notice when you want all users to see this notice" would be nice.


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I believe that this is a suggestion more than a bug report... I think it's working as designed.

Anyway I'm with you on the suggestion, I support it!


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The checkbox says "Users may hide this notice when they have read it." I assumed when I deselect it, users can not hide it, hence see the message. It is correct that a user who hit the notice before still does not see it when the admin deselects that option later. Though I think it might be useful to state it there.


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A better suggestion would be a 'reset notice' option for each notice such that, when a notice has been reset, any member who has dismissed it will see the notice again.

This is actually something implemented in Chris D's Notifications add-on, along with temporary notification dismissal. Personally I prefer it to the notices system. I'm hoping that i's functionality might be included in XenForo 2.0.

Chris D

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The option controls whether or not a user can dismiss a notice and it isn't designed to do any work retrospectively.

That being said, it might be trivial to still display the notice, even if it has been dismissed, if it is no longer dismissible.
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