Fixed not possible to click into Editor-Field


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when creating a new thread, and you hover over the "Prefix Dropdown", so that the Drop-Down opens up.

Then it is not possible to click into the "Editor Field" as long as the Drop-Down-Box is open.
It should be possible to click into the "Editor Field" which will then also close the Drop-Down-Box.

However, it is possible to click into any other field, which as a result closes the Drop-Down-Box.
It is just not possible to click into the "Editor Field".

FireFox: 43.0.3



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The issue is that the editor is actually considered a separate document (iframe), so we normally listen for a click event on something outside the menu to know when to close it. The editor doesn't pass this up to the main document as a normal click.

I have managed to workaround this now though.