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[Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe)

[Nobita] Sendy.co Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) [Paid] 1.1.5

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Again, to clarify: My main goal is to maintain a very clean list for my members, and to avoid anyone getting emails they don't want to receive. That means full sync between XF and Sendy.

Here are the main user fields in each system that control email sending/receiving:

  • Receive Site Mailings
  • Email Status (Valid / Bounced)
  • Subscribed to newsletter (Nobita Sendy Addon)
  • Subscribed / Unsubscribed
  • Marked as spam
  • Bounced
The issue: How to best sync these items so both systems are accurate regardless of which system the user is interacting with.


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I just had a user email saying, "Your newsletter went to my old email address even though I updated it in the forum. Can you fix this?"

So, I checked, and the new email was in XF, but wasn't pushed to Sendy (which only had the old email).

Shouldn't this be syncing email changes / updates to Sendy?


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I did an email shoot last week to 34k members. Only a 5% open rate. I'm concerned emails aren't being delivered properly, though I'm using AWS so I assume they are.

I did a bulk message send to all members a few days later and said write back if you didn't get the email. Many members wrote back saying they never received it. How do you recommend I troubleshoot this?