No possibility to renew my license

I have a Xenforo2 license and 1 license for recourcen manager I just wanted to see what you are asking for but i have no options to choose a renewal for recoucen manager but only for the xenforo license and everything else just not for recoucen Manager please for clarification.


Furthermore, I noticed that you only have dirty PayPal as payment methods or do you still have other payment methods because Paypal will not be long Exetieren and therefore I would like to use these payment methods.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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The price of renewing the Resource Manager is included automatically. The licenses of the add-ons and the software itself are tied to each other.

If you Contact us we may be able to arrange other payment options.

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XenForo License renewal cost $40
XenForo Resource Manager renwal cost $15

Since you bought both product you have to pay $55 for renweal and you can not choose which product you want to renew.