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XF 1.4 News Feed Permission Issue

I am currently logged into my site under my test account, which has registered user permissions only. As my test user I have been looking around to see what the registered members see. I looked under my news feed and found a post written by my admin account, from a private forum that registered users shouldn't be seeing anything from. I then clicked the link to the thread to view it as the registered user and received the error page. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Registered users should not be seeing anything from forums they can't access. I would think that this would carry over to the new feed also. What am I missing or is this how it works? If it is how it works, how do we lock it down?


XenForo developer
Staff member
There's really no reason for this to happen -- there are full permission checks on the news feed. Can you perhaps show us a link where we can see the specific problem? Can you show the analyze permission output for the specific forum in question (for your test user)?