XF 1.4 User group permission issue


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Hello all,

In fact, I have given another specific status to some members but even if I have given all permissions (a part moderation), This one can't edit/modify/delete a post anymore.

If I give the status "member" as secondary status, it works but I don't understand why cause they almost have the same rights...

If I have to check the box "members", any possibility to hide the ribbon "members" to specific users via CSS under the user groups cause I'm able to put CSS there?

I have attached 2 print screens.
PS: It is in French, don't hesitate to tell me if you need translation or not or I can put the forum in English to add new print screen if needed.

Thanks for your help.



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Use the permissions analyser to determine where the final permission is being set for a particular member.


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As @Brogan has suggested, go to AdminCP->Users->Analyze Permissions and type in the user name, and click on analyze. The resulting screen will show what the final permissions are, and clicking the details link will show why.