XF 2.2 Hiding content based on user group


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Hello I need some clarifications. I have this on my forum

<xf:if is="{{$xf.visitor.isMemberOf(3,4,12)}}">
<div class="button_cont" align="center"><a class="btn_koglife" href="https://forum.kog.it/threads/come-si-partecipa-a-un-evento-kog.16253/post-417239" rel="nofollow noopener" style="margin-top:7px;">PARTECIPAZIONE RADUNI</a></div>
<div class="button_cont" align="center"><a class="btn_koglife" href="https://forum.kog.it/threads/organizzare-un-raduno-per-il-kog.16252/post-417238" rel="nofollow noopener" style="margin-top:7px;">ORGANIZZARE RADUNI</a></div>

but the UG 12 is a secondary UG where the member is put if there are some conditions. The main group for these users is 2 and the secondary is 12 but. The users in group 3 and 4 see the content correctly but the users in the main gruop 2 and secondary 12 don't see the content.

Probably there's something missing in the syntax but I'm not able to understand what.

Can someone help me?
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