New Version of Resource Manager


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I edited one of my resources and it bumped up to the front page. Is that a new feature or bug?
I'd almost see this as a bug since I make constant typos and go back to edit, i think that this would give false hope that an update came out.

Edit: Nin'jd by Mike.

The Dark Wizard

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If it happens again, it's a bug... But that was a bug that should be fixed - it's the same thing that caused all those emails to go out, so should be sorted now (the challenges of updating unreleased software in a state of flux :)).
Keep up the good word!

Don't suppose you can tell us when any official word is coming :)?


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Same, I received a couple of emails saying those addons were updated too. I was wondering why they were updated all at the same time until I found this thread. :D

Oh yea, I love the pagination :D