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hi guys. i'm new here.
my name is Cassandra, i'm deaf transgender girl. i joined this community because i'm interested in Xenforo forum, so i have lots of questions to ask. i'd like to ask them in correct sections of the forum. honestly, i find Xenforo more better forum than forums i have used. i actually have a account on other forum that is run entirely by Xenforo forum software. i found the software quite interesting. i would certainly consider Xenforo my first forum i own and use.

with that said, it's nice to meet you all.


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Hello, welcome. :)

I too think XenForo is one of the best forum applications out there too.
well, i think so. lol i only had found out about it on the day i joined that forum and did my research on the software. i do believe this is pretty solid software. but the forum i'm in has lots of problems, which are often ignored/dismissed by the Admin. yet, we have to live with it anyway. even the email part for account approval is broken haha. it's quite crazy here :)

Edit: to add last part, i love your anime avatar. it's cute. thanks for the welcome :D


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Welcome, Cassandra! :) XenForo is definitely a great system – we've been running it at my community for a few years now, and it's worlds better than anything else we've used. If you choose to start your own community, I wish you the very best of luck – you'd be starting with a good foundation! :D