Addons sending data to Xenforo competitors?


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I'm interested in Xenforo official stance and viewpoint on allowing Resource Manager listings for addons that are produced by direct competitors of XF, and which will push Xenforo customer site content (and presumably site analysis data/stats) to Xenforo competitors? As well as visible branding and linking on Xenforo customer sites to a Xenforo competitor's site. is owned and operated by Invision and when installed will send site data/content (and site analysis stats/data?) directly to Invision, as well as visible branding and linking directly to Invision.

Whilst not against Resource Guidelines, should it be? Or perhaps Invision have already discussed with XF, and management have endorsed it?

At the very least, I feel a full explanation and impact of the site data and content being sent to and shared with a Xenforo competitor should be fully disclosed and shared within the Resource listing.
It would make sense if the addon listing transparently discloses that the addon provider is Invision Power Services.

In general it would make sense to have a GDPR / DSA disclosure on the resource if addons share data with third parties. The privacy and cookie pages of the xenforo install will need to be amended for the data sharing.
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