Regarding moving old data to Xenforo

Hey guys,

I'm a member of the GameSpot forums and recently, users have been shafted by an unhealthy lack of discussion by community managers.

A lot of this comes from the site's new design. I've been looking quite seriously into Xenforo recently and was wondering if it was possible to convert these things from user profiles there to here:

-Blogs (high priority)
-Ability to change background color for each individual user on the fly (I'd assume this is an add-on, so apologies if this isn't the right board for that)
-User written articles

And at the very least, is it possible to transfer post count over here, even if the Xenforo forum we make is new? It's always something that remainds oddly personal for each user.

Thanks guys, apologies if this isn't the right board again.



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The FAQ in my signature has details on importers.

There is no blog functionality in the core but there are add-ons.
User profiles aren't customisable out of the box but you can use custom profile fields - there are resources explaining how to do that.
There is also no option to customise individual users in that manner.
What do you mean by user written articles?
Excellent, thanks. That's a pretty good summary of the main questions I had in mind.

As for user-written articles, I'm not too sure what I meant either. Pretty sure it was just there as my brain was wracking through what was left thanks to this flu.

Anyways, thanks!