XF 1.5 New Posts show parent node/forum


Hi, our forum has several forum nodes called Game1, Game2 and so on, each has a sub forum for media library, mods, patches. When using the "New Posts" link, you just see the thread and as forum name for example "media library". So you don't know to which "media library" the post belongs. That's not so useful with our structure.

One way is to rename all the sub forums and add the name of the parent forum (we are using this manual workaround at the moment), but a bit more handy would be a way to just show the next higher node in our case the parent forum or just add the name via script. Is there a template I can change in an easy way? Or even make this an option for just selected sub forums? Thanks for your help.

Maybe this graphic explains it a bit better...

CaptureNew Posts.jpg

I am looking for this too. What I get is the Forum ID. Is there any function how to reicieve the parent forum/node id/name?

I am new at xenforo and dont knowhow I can add extra functions.
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