XF 1.4 New Posts for Specific Forum


I've been looking into this a bit without any luck so I thought I'd see if you guys could help. I'm trying to add a new link next to the new posts one that functions the same way but only for a specific forum or node. It would look something like this:

On my forum we have a very popular general chat thread called Current Thoughts and I was hoping to add something to show new posts to it at the top of the page. It doesn't need to be that thread in particular either, if there's a way to show new posts in a specific node that'd work too.

I've looked into a few other ways and I saw that could disable every other node so that the one containing current thoughts is the only one displaying on the new posts page and then change the name of the link, but doing that would leave me without a new posts link.

The only other solution was a addon that lets you display a node as tab next to Forums and Members and you could have an alert for new posts there, but it doesn't look all that nice and the alert icon blocks part of the banner so I was hoping to find an alternative. I have experience working with the site's code so if it requires a bit of programming to do then that's fine. :)