New forum icon does not update - why?

I created a new forum icon which I wanted to replace the existing one with. I renamed the existing one and uploaded the new one with the original name. But still, the new icon does not show up. It has the same measurements and it's a PNG file. What am I missing here? :confused:


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I doubt that. You must have messed up something while replacing icon, otherwise you wouldn't have this issue.

Unless you post your forum URL, its not possible to tell what you did wrong. We can only guess.


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Normally a ctrl and f5 will sort that out.

Have you re-sized the new node icons that maybe larger and the coordinates are wrong (pending your using a spritesheet) and it's displaying the transparent areas?

- path to image maybe be incorrect as Arty stated could be the cause or a typo within the path code?

Try checking in a few browsers just to make sure it's not a cache issue as this is always or at time mostly the case when they don't show.
Arty and Shelley, thanks to both of you for giving my some input on this one. Since this site has not been launched yet I can't post this URL in public yet. PM is OK.

Arty, most likely I have messed something up. I looked up the size of forum-read.png which was 100px X 100 px, I think. I created a new PNG in Photoshop with the exact size and pasted my newly created icon in it. I uploaded it to the same directory as the original file and just switched names of the two files.

Shelley, I know XenForo uses coordinates for showing icons etc. In this case, since it's only one image object, I thought I was safe just using the same image size as well as save it in the same format.

I just verified that my new icon is showing up when I enter full URL: styles/default/xenforo/widgets/forum-read.png

But it does not show up in the forum.
Forum-read is the old format, XF is currently using node-sprite.png for the icons, this could be your issue?

See XF's:

So you could be using an outdated style/template or your just not replacing node-sprite :)
That sounds like a logical explanation to what I have been experiencing :) If the forum-read file isn't used, no wonder the picture doesn't show up...

Anything in particular that I should pay attention to when working with sprites?
This is what the node sprite looks like (node-sprite.png):


I will basically use this image and save the different versions of my icon side by side here? Where can I tweak the sprite coordinates?