Nested categories

Is it possible to set up an additional layer of sub-categories before individual topic threads appears on XenForo?

For example, I need a structure as follows:

Forum Home -> Individual Games or Series -> Game categories listed by historical era -> individual discussion topics


Thanks, Mike. You answered my question. Having the flexibility for multiple notes/categories by level is what I was looking for, so this is good news. Thanks again.

May I also ask if one can assign topic moderator rights by individual discussion topic as well? I work with publishers who need control of their own specific topic area -- this could be either a single topic, or a group of topics under a single category. I'm trying to confirm how flexible moderator privileges may be in allowing one to edit their own topic headers and moderate specific topics.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Unfortunately moderator permissions can only be applied at the node (e.g. forum/category) level. Though if you're talking about giving publishers access to moderate specific threads, these would be best grouped into a single forum and then give those publishers moderating permissions in those forums.
Sorry, that was my mistake. I meant at the forum level. Threads can be created at any point, so I understand they are very dynamic. So long as a node can be dedicated to multiple threads on the same theme, which a category would most likely do, I think it would work out fine. I'll have to see if there is a way to admin a demo site here just to verify how it all works.