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OK, I'm going to try this question again and see if I can make it simpler.
This is a screenshot of my desktop of my forum, It is quite large and scrolling to get to what you want is not user friendly. What you see is just a part of it but enough to make my question clear. I hope you can help me.
We will work with my watering holes category. I have numerous others but this will work for my question.
As you see I have 9 categories in this section with 2 through 8 sub-categories. My Question is, Is there a way that I can put a dropdown box next to the category name that I/my users can expand/collapse the sub-categories in? For example, next to Water Hole #1 - Games, a drop down arrow box that when clicked will show the sub-categories Games to Play and Chat About Games To ..., and when clicked again will hide/collapse the sub-categories. And the same with Water Hole # 2- Light Gab & Pics, drop down arrow box when clicked, These three Sub-categories will show and when clicked again, collapse to the drop down box. If I was able to do this to all the categories on the page, it would make the home page so much smaller and user friendly.
I have been looking everywhere for info if this can be done and this thread is the closes to my question but hasn't been answered.
If there is a way and you can help me in what im looking for Please do.
Thank you for your time in reading this, hope you can help.
Oh Xenforo 2.1.2 is the version in use.
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As you are using a third party style ...

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